Serbia president stresses new future in inauguration


Serbia is ready to break from the shackles of the past and embrace a new future, newly-elected President Aleksandar Vucic said Friday at a reception to celebrate his inauguration.

"We have changed and we are ready to change and we dare to step on the road from mythology to the future; from sadness to happiness in every new day," Vucic said. "We know how to take this step."

The remnants of the past are still seen in the Balkans, according to Vucic, who said his country wants peace more than anything else and Serbians are trying to make friends in their dreams instead of seeing enemies.

"When we talk, it's very loud. When we are quiet, we are awful quiet. Our love for each other is same as our hate for each other," he said.

The history of Serbia was shown in six lounges and two foyers during the reception at the Palace of Serbia. A different region of the country was represented in each lounge and guests were able to view a copy of the oldest proof of Serbian statehood.

Vucic took the oath of office May 31 after winning elections with 55 percent of the vote the previous month.

Earlier Friday, he held a series of bilateral meetings with leaders and representatives of Balkan and European states and NATO.

Vucic and Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Ismail Kahraman are scheduled to meet Saturday.

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