20 killed, dozens wounded in back-to-back Kabul blasts


At least 20 people were killed in three explosions on Saturday in Kabul near the funeral for a victim of violent clashes between Afghan police and protesters a day earlier.

At least 20 people have been killed and dozens of others wounded after three consecutive explosions occurred at the funeral ceremony of a protester in the Afghan capital Kabul, an official said.

"Until now we don't know if the explosions were suicide bombings or previously placed explosives," a police official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told dpa.

The blasts occurred where the burial ceremony of Mohammad Salem Izedyar, son of the deputy first speaker of the Senate, was taking place.

Salem was killed during a protest on Friday after police fired into a crowd of protesters in Kabul who poured onto the streets to protest a massive explosion in the city on Wednesday.

Wednesday's blast, one of the worst since 2001, killed around 90 people and left 460 wounded when an explosives-laden human-waste tanker blew up in the green zone, Kabul's diplomatic quarter, where many foreign embassies and government institutions are located.

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