Violence once again in the Netherlands

The Netherlands police resort to violence one more time... As they defend their so called democracy and human rights, Netherlands is again on the scene with another scandal. Let's zoom in to find out what happened.

This footage is from the of Lahey city in the netherlands. The Netherlands police took down a citizen by shooting him in the Torso. Defending the so-called values of human rights and democracy, the Netherlands police have added one more incident of shame to the list.

Police first encircled the man who was holding a knife then, instead of capturing the man, the police preferred to shoot him. The knife-wielding man collapsed shortly after, squirming in pain. The police's intervention with guns caused reactions as the reason has been allegedly the man's shouting "Allahuakbar"...

The netherlands police is known to have carried out a racist act against the Turkish Family Minister Fatma betül Sayan Kaya, who was on her way to the Turkish Consulate. Taking Kaya hostage in her own vehicle, the Netherlands police prevented the Family Minister from entering the Consulate.

Turkish citizens protesting peacefully were also subjected to the racist attacks of the Netherlands police following the incident. Plunging into the crowd, police released their dogs onto Turkish citizens. Many turkish citizens were injured in the attack.

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