Set up grills to break the spirit of Palestinian hunger strikers

Israeli right wing groups have set up a grill outside of a prison near Ramallah to try to break the sprit of Palestinian hunger strikers.

In the wake of a hunger strike being staged by Palestinian prisioners in an Israeli jail close to Ramallah, members of Israel's National Unity Party have set up a grill outside the ofer prison to "celebrate the hunger strike" and "break the spirit" of the strikers.

Ophir Sofer, Secretary-General of The National Union Party was quoted as saying, quote: "The time has come to stop listening to the hunger strikers and show them that we are not giving in to their whims"

Police did not intervene against the members of the National Unity Party.

The strike, started by Marwan Barghouti, calls for better conditions for prisoners.

Some 1,500 palestinian political prisoners held by Israel launched a mass hunger strike on monday to press for basic rights and shed light on the difficult humanitarian conditions inside Israeli prisons.

There are currently 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, including more than 500 administrative detainees.

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