Russia, US tension continues to rise

After the US missile attack on the Syrian regime, tension between Russia and the US has continued to intensify.

The Russian President hosted Italian president Sergio Mattarella in Moscow. During his press conference he said he heard that the US had prepared further strikes on Damascus.

Trump's administration is ready to hit Syria if the Assad regime continues to use chemical weapons in Syria....

The White House also accused Russia of engaging in a cover-up of the Assad regime's role in a chemical attack that left over a hundred dead.

The Russian leader argued Russia had doubt about the US claims on the chemical attack saying that Moscow will request the UN to conduct an investigation into last week's chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministery Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova announced that following the recent US-Russıa tension, there is a triple meeting scheduled for the weekend with foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Syrıa.

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