Resounding 'Yes' from Europe

Following a series of controversial moves by European countries in the lead up to Turkey's constitutional referendum, Turks living in Europe have given a resounding response at the ballot boxes. Let's have a look at the percentile distributions of expat votes in Europe for the constitutional referendum.

Western countries, which openly supported the ''no'' campaign, while blocking legitimate efforts to canvas for ''yes'' votes will be shocked to see the reality of Turkish citizen's preferences.

''Yes'', the voice of Turks against, europe's hypocrisy. Yes votes, by far ahead in europe, particularly in Germany, Belgium, Holland and Austria. With ''93.88'' percentage of votes going to ''Yes'', Lebanon marked a record in expat votes for constitutional change.

The United States, which hosts the head of the FETO Terror Group and thus represents one of the most effective propaganda centers for the "no" campaign, saw only 16 percent vote ''yes".

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