PM May defends decision for snap election

522 mps in the house of commons voted in favour of Prime Minister theresa May's snap election call. This means that now the UK will go to the polls on June 8. Prime Minister Theresa May said that her move is to help unify parliament ahead of Brexit negotiations and to prevent instability. The motion to trigger the ballot was objected by 13 mps while over 100 abstentions were counted. At least 434 votes were needed in order to approve the early election. Before the approval of the snap election there had been a hot debate in parliament. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has defended the snap election at the house of commons. May vows the elections will strengthen Brexit's negotiating power. But she was harshly criticised, especially by labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. May dismissed criticism of her move to send voters back to polling booths for the third time in two years, after a May 2015 national election and a June 2016 referendum on EU membership. Britain's next national election is currently scheduled for 2020, a year after the scheduled completion of two years of EU exit talks. May wants to be stronger to in order to negotiate for a stronger Brexit. The EU says, "real" Brexit talks to start after June 8 election.

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