NATO would be weaker without Turkey

In an interview with the German news paper 'welt am sonntag'. NATO's secretary general jens stoltenberg stated that Turkey is a very important ally and "NATO would undoubtedly be weaker without Turkey".

He emphasized that Turkey has fulfilled all its obligations to NATO and made a progressive contributions towards the fight against the daesh terrorist organization.

Turkey's strategic geographical location plays a huge role in Europe's security and stability with the recent flow of refugees from Syria.

Mr.Stoltenberg added that Turkey is a key figure in the relations between the alliances of Russia, as it borders the Black Sea region.

NATO member states agreed that any attack against one member state shall be considered an attack against them all.

When asked about political differences with member states...

The secretary said "we should especially focus on what unites US,"

The unity of the alliance is important, as NATO's core task is to protect and defend its member states' territory and population while upholding international peace and security.

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