Most terror attacks carried out by white-extremists

Joint report by the investigative fund at the Nation Institute and the Center for Investigative Reporting shows that the majority of terror attacks in the US from 2008 to 2016 were carried out by right-wing extremists. Right-wing extremists carried out 115 terrorist attacks in that period. The study also exposes that double standards have been employed in investigation of terror attacks.

Comparing to other types of extremisms, police used four times less preemptive sting operation against white extremists .

Unlike the official reports, this study indicates that 33 percent of right-wing attacks involved deaths while Daesh-type attacks are 13 percent.

The report criticized President Donald Trump's rhetoric that focuses on Muslims as the main terror threat to the U.S.

The report also noted that extremists who attack Muslims are given more lenient prison sentences.

Attacks on non-Muslim institutions or the general public received an average sentence of 14.5 years in prison, with seven death sentences, in contrast with attacks on Muslims or mosques that resulted in sentences of under nine years and no death penalties.

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