Kim Jong-Nam assassination inquiry

A notorious murder by poison in Malaysia and the victim had the antidote all along.

Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, killed by the highly toxic Nerve Agent VX in February.

The poison smeared on his face by two women at Kuala Lumpur airport.

But a Malaysian court heard this week that Kim had a dozen vials of atropine in his bag, a drug used to protect against poisoning from insecticides and nerve agents.

So far no clues as to why he failed to use it.

Kim was a critic of his family's dynastic rule of North Korea, and according to some South Korean lawmakers, Kim Jong Un had issued a standing order for his execution.

Pyongyang denies accusations that it was behind the killing.

Meanwhile, the two women accused of carrying out the murder say they were tricked into playing what they thought was a prank for a reality TV show.