July 15 commemorated around the world

The events of July 15 are not just being commemorated in Turkey. Around the world tributes were held to honor the heroic resistance and sacrifice of the brave martyrs and veterans that defied the treacherous coup attempt. Let's have a look at some of those events from around the world.

Turkey marks the first anniversary of the defeated coup attempt of July 15. Not just Turkey but various countries around the world are commemorating and celebrating the anniversary of the epic resistance that took place last year against the Gülenist coup plotters.

In a ceremony attended by the Turkish ambassadors to spain and portugal in madrid, attendees honored the efforts and sacrifices made by Turkish citizens to protect their democracy.

The July 15 commemoration day was celebrated with a photograph exhibition in Moscow where the Turkish Ambassador to Russia Hüseyin Diriöz addressed attendees in a program held at the Turkish Embassy in the Russian capital.

In Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, the resistance of July 15 was remembered as Turkish ambassador to the country, Erkan Özoral and representatives from various Turkish organizations held a glorious ceremony. Speaking at the event, Özoral said that only 1 percent of the Turkish armed forces participated in the treacherous coup attempt on july 15.

Multiple events were held in Cologne, where the Turkish embassies of Germany and Sweden collaborated to commemorate the historic resistance of the Turkish people.

A marathon was held in Sarajevo, which saw Bosnians celebrating the victory of the Turkish people in an extra-ordinary manner. Bosnia and other Muslim countries have continously shown their remarkable support for Turkey and its democratically elected government.

Similar ceremonies were also held in cities across the world.

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