Israel to ban Al Jazeera

Israel is moving to close Al Jazeera offices in Jerusalem and revoke the media credentials of the network's journalists, the country's communication minister; Ayoub Kara, announced during a press conference on Sunday

"We have based our decision on the move by sunni Arab states to close the Al Jazeera offices and prohibiting their work," Kara said, adding that the channel is being used by groups to "incite" violence.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been threatening to shut Al Jazeera's operations in the country, accusing the network of inciting violence against Israel.

It is unclear when the government will act on the request.

In recent months, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates have also taken measures to block Al Jazeera bureaus as part of a coordinated diplomatic and economic campaign against qatar, base of the al jazeera's headquarters.

Egypt, which is also part of the blocking group, banned Al Jazeera several years ago.

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