Far-right extremists target under-construction mosque in Netherlands

An under-construction mosque in southeastern Netherlands was targeted by a group of far-right extremists.

The far-right 'Identitair Verzet' movement hanged anti-islam banners at the roof of Tevhid Mosque in Venlo city.

Head of Tevhid Mosque Ahmet Dursun, condemned the incident and said there were many far-right extremists in their neighborhood, but they were not expecting such an attack, adding "we will take necessary measures not to experience such incidents again."

The group, which claimed the responsibility for the incident, draped banners in both English and Turkish, reading "stay away. The Netherlands belongs to US. We don't want a mosque and Muslims in our neighborhood".

They also shared the photos of banners on social media, and claimed they "occupied" the mosque.

Just in the past two months, PEGİDA, another far-right anti-Muslim movement, carried out similar acts at an under-construction Selimiye Mosque in Veghel and an Islamic primary school in Leiden.

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