Britain's exit bill proposal to the EU

The Sunday Telegraph newspaper wrote that Britain is ready to pay up to 40 billion euros in order to leave the European Union.

The newspaper also reported that the UK was only prepared to pay the sum as part of a wider deal that included a trade agreement with the EU.

"We know (the EU's) position is 60 billion euros, but the actual bottom line is 50 billion euros. ours is closer to 30 billion euros but the actual landing zone is 40 billion euros, even if the public and politicians are not all there yet," the newspaper quoted "a senior whitehall source" as saying.

The British government ministry in charge of eu negotiations declined to comment on the report.

Britain is known to have declared that it would pay any outstanding liabilities, but has not given a figure.

The European Union has floated a figure of 60 billion euros and wants significant progress on settling britain's liabilities before talks can start on complex issues such as future trading arrangements.

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