A tale of two airlines

Two airlines, two contrasting stories! Footage shows security officers dragging the man down the United Airlines plane's aisle by the arms and legs. On the other side, a miraculous mid-flight birth on a Turkish Airlines flight. Video taken as security personnel at chicago forcibly dragged one United Airlines passenger from an overbooked plane has gone viral globally. The incident disgusted united airlines customers across the country. some called for a boycott. The passenger holds united responsible for the fiasco. Other incident occured last weekend. Diaby nafi, a french woman travelling from Conakry, suddenly entered labor as the plane was mid-flight. Trained cabin crew assisted the birth, bringing this gorgeous girl into the world. Passengers and flight attendants took pictures with the baby girl, who has been named Kadiju. The pictures were widely shared on social media. The flight's pilot conducted an emergency landing in Burkina Faso, so the mother and the newborn could receive medical attention before continuing on to Istanbul.

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