22 years since Bosnian genocide

It is 22 years since the Bosnian genocide, in which the brutal Serbian army committed barbaric crimes resulting in the deaths of more than 100,000 Bosnian Muslims in 1995.

Following conflicts between Serbs and Bosnian Muslims in early 1990's, Bosnia declared independence after a referendum. However, the Serbs were not entirely satisfied with the declaration, hence, the outburst of a fierce battle.

The conflict which began in 1992 lasted longer than expected and by the summer of 1995, three towns in eastern Bosnia-Srebrenica, Zepa and Gorazde remained under control of the Bosnian government. The U.N. had declared these enclaves "safe havens" to be disarmed and protected by international peacekeeping forces.

However, on July 11, Serbian forces marched on Srebrenica which was supposed to be on the watch of the U.N. peace keeping forces, the Serbs attacked, and forcibly expelled Bosnian civilians from the region in a brutal process later identified as "ethnic cleansing."

Women and young girls were raped or sexually assaulted, while the men and boys who remained were killed immediately or transported to mass killing sites. Around 7,000 to 8,000 Bosnians were killed by Serb forces at Srebrenica alone.

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