Turkey resolves historical conflict

"Turkey has successfully resolved the historical conflict in its administrative system" after april 16th referendum on sunday, president recep tayyip erdoğan proclaimed right after the victory.With the new constitutional reforms, the constitution will now allow the president to keep party affiliation. The structure of the supreme council of judges and prosecutors will be changed within 30 days. The restructured supreme council will have 13 members,
four of whom will be selected by the president, seven by parliament. The justice minister and the undersecretary of the ministry are natural members. The changes related to the presidential system will be enacted after November 3, 2019. Thus in the new system, following the 2019 election, the president will have the right to release executive orders. With over 25 million people approving the constitutional amendments,
Turkey will also abolish its prime minister. The president will have vice presidents and non-parliamentary candidates will be appointed as ministers.

The number of seats in the grand national assembly is raised from 550 to 600 with these ammendments. The age requirement to stand as a candidate in an election is lowered from 25 to 18. Parliamentary terms are extended from four to five years. And in the new system, presidential and parliamentary elections be held on the same day.

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