Our nation's will over everything says President Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made exclusive statements to the press:

-We really need to go through this new period with victory and solidarity that is aimed for our nation's and country's best interest.

- I believe that the parliament will be carrying out its work in the frames of this sensibility. The whole deal is about putting the emotions aside and taking steps towards the future in light of scientific practices.

- I believe that building and reclaiming the future through respecting our nation's will are going to be our most crucial steps.

- Our nation has already shown its national will on April 16.

- The will of our nation on April 16 is quite different; because the turnout rate is rarely this high. I believe that ignoring our people's will, and their approach to this issue with this high participation rate, would be totally unjust.

- I want to thank my citizens one more time. And now, I believe the members of the parliament will make sure this phase goes as smoothly as possible in the days to come.

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