Erdoğan welcomes Somali Presİdent

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in Ankara on Wednesday.

President Erdoğan greeted the Somalian President with an official ceremony. State cavalry accompanied President Abdullahi's convoy on the way to the Presidential Kulliye.

President Erdoğan received the Somali President by the main gate of the Kulliye.

Once the two leaders were in position, 21 cannon shots were heard, after which both countries' national anthems were sung.

The Somali President greeted the presidential guard regiment in Turkish...

After the ceremony, Erdoğan and Abdullahi posed for the cameras as they shook hands.

The leaders then moved on to one-on-one meetings and continued with committee meetings.

President Erdoğan spoke at a press conference after the meetings.

Erdoğan criticized the west for passivity regarding ongoing famine in Somalia and humanitarian disasters in African countries in general.

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