Erdoğan slams European Union terror support

President of Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met young voters on Tuesday.

President Erdoğan made following statements on TV programme:

⇒ This Netherlands issue is a serious one, just like the incidents in Germany. Germany is currently a safe haven for terrorists. Still, when i say they brought nazism back, they go crazy over it. Why?

⇒ What you are doing is sheltering thousands of PKK terrorists and providing for them. I hand you 4,500 files, but then you don't take any of them into consideration. What is more, you come up to me and ask for a terrorist spy to be returned.

⇒ A PKK terrorist shows up and demonstrates with a rag depicting separatist ring leader Abdullah Öcalan in his hand. What is even more shocking, is that the German police protects him.

⇒ There was a banner in front of the parliament depicting me, with a gun pointed at my head. It says "Kill Erdoğan". Who do you think you are, for God's sake? Who do you think you're killing? Stop right there, know your place for once.

⇒ I had a whole different view of the EU some 14 years ago. They are not sincere nor honest. The European Union issue definitely needs to be discussed.

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