Europa League overshadowed by violence

French police fired tear gas on Turkish fans shortly before the game between Lyon-Beşiktaş Europa League quarter-final on thursday.

Lyon supporters angrily invaded the pitch and occupied the field causing the game to be delayed for 45 minutes. Officials attempted to clear Lyon fans from the field, police used teargas in an effort to control outbreaks of fighting and vandalism.

Violence instigated by Lyons' hooligans spread both inside and outside the stadium. Outside, French police used sound grenades in an attempt to keep disorderly fans in control.

Even though Beşiktaş made the first strike in the game, with Ryan Bable scoring, Lyon came from behind to take the lead with goals by Tolisso and Morel. The game ended with a 2-1 win for Lyon.

While the behaviour of Lyon fans severely overshadowed this game, this happened at the end of a difficult week for footbal. UEFA had already decided to increase security measures at all their Champions League and Europa League matches following the bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund's team in Germany.

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