Regime blocks medical supplies from entering Ghouta

A humanitarian aid convoy failed to unload supplies to residents trapped inside Syria's Eastern Ghouta, as regime warplanes resumed bombarding the enclave, killing at least 70 people and suffocating dozens of civilians after a chlorine attack targeted residential areas on Monday night.

Described as the "bloodiest" day since a Russian-sponsored truce failed at stopping the onslaught and since a UN Security Council resolution was unsuccessful at implementing a 30-day ceasefire, regime forces resumed the shelling of the Damascus suburb for the 16th consecutive day on Tuesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the bombardment of the enclave has killed more than 70 civilians since Monday evening.

The pauses were meant to create "humanitarian corridors" to allow the evacuation of those seeking medical treatment and the entry of aid convoys, but air strikes have continued to target civilians and residential areas.

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