Unıted Airlınes offers up to $10,000

The change comes following an inquiry into an incident in which a man was dragged screaming from a fully booked plane earlier this month.

Dr David Dao lost two front teeth and suffered a broken nose when he was removed from the Chicago to louisville flight to make room for crew members.

His lawyer later said that dr dao found the experience "more horrifying and harrowing than when he left Vietnam.

Te incident caused outrage and widespread condemnation of the airline.

İn late March, united was heavily criticised on social media after two girls were reportedly barred from flying for wearing leggings on a flight from denver to minneapolis.

The latest incident to hit United Airlines's reputation came on wednesday when it announced an investigation into the death of a giant rabbit which was being transported on one of its planes.

United airlines recent callous attitude toward their customers has caused damage to its public image. The latest compensation policy is a step toward improving the reputation of the airline, but it will likely take time to convince the public that it has reformed.

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