A wonder nature of Black Sea wow everybody

The vast and beautiful mountains and steep cliffs of the Black Sea are among the first choices of many climbing enthusiasts.

The Black Sea, a wonder of nature with forests, lakes and rivers, also offers various sports activities. The region, which is Turkey's very own Switzerland and a frequent destination for activities such as mountain hiking, photo safaris, trekking and rafting, is also suitable for rock climbing.

The sports routes opened in the Kaçkar Mountains in Rize, Doğankaya in Trabzon and Koçkayasi in Giresun are among the places climbing enthusiasts prefer.

With foggy mountains and mild climate, the mountain range of the Black Sea offers a place for sports and is a spot to appreciate mother nature.

The Black Sea region is a paradise of nature, in addition to climbing. A magnificent place with forests, rivers and lakes. These are unique places in Turkey. There are places suitable for all nature sports, from hiking to mountaineering and rock climbing.