President Erdoğan addresses World Petroleum Summit

Turkish President Erdoğan made remarkable speech at 22nd World Petroleum Congress, a major meeting of the international oil and gas industry, on Turkey's energy policy. He said the country was being referred to the "Silk Road of energy".

The Turkish president also said its external dependence on energy should be reduced to ensure sustainable development and the best use of its domestic resources.

Erdoğan said in order to meet an energy demand which could double in the next 10 years, Turkey will include an additional 50,000 megawatts of additional power to its system by 2023.

On nuclear energy, Erdoğan said Turkey had started accelerating its investments.

"When Akkuyu and Sinop nuclear power plants become operational, we will meet at least 10 percent of our energy needs from here," he said.

The Turkish president said the country wanted to start construction of the Sinop project "as soon as possible".

Turkey plans to build three nuclear power plants, the first at Akkuyu in Mersin province; the second at Sinop. The third plant's location has not yet been announced.

Erdoğan said Turkey wanted its energy to be "a source of peace and welfare, not destruction, tension and dispute".

He also said the chaos and turmoil caused by terrorist organizations in the energy hinterlands made cooperation between countries a necessity.

"The security of energy resources depends on the elimination of terrorist organizations," he added.

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