"Bitcoin must be banned"

Discussions on the new virtual currency bitcoin, which made a 900% increase this month, are ongoing...

After the digital currency bitcoin surpassed the 11 thousand dollar level, it is now once again being treated from a 9,000 dollar level with a 20% decrease.

The demand for bitcoin peaked after the currency surpassed 10 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, digital money platforms that carry out bitcoin transactions had a hard time with the hard fall, triggered by both the rapid increase, and the profit realization.

Access to many websites were denied.

Nobel- Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz has recently made statements regarding bitcoin.

Drawing attention to the potential dangers of digital currencies, the famous economist said, "bitcoin has no meaning, it needs to be banned as soon as possible."

Stiglitz also added that one of the main objectives of states is to create a currency, and that bitcoin meant nothing.