Turkish medical charity pledges more aid to Ethiopia

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Concluding a two-day visit to Ethiopia on Friday, a team of physicians from Doctors Worldwide Turkey pledged to design an ongoing medical aid project to assist the country's healthcare system.

Ayşe Nur, project coordinator of the Istanbul-based charity, told Anadolu Agency that the team had visited health centers and met officials in the eastern city of Jigjiga, the capital of Somali Regional State, and the capital Addis Ababa.

"In Jigjiga, we successfully performed 24 complex surgeries that helped local physicians to observe the advanced techniques we use,' she said. ''The team also donated equipment to the hospital."

Nur added that discussions they held with Ethiopian officials primarily focused on ways to boost professional cooperation with the Ethiopian health care system.

"We made a needs assessment which will help us to design a permanent project in Ethiopia we are determined to help," she said.

The healthcare system of the Horn of Africa nation of an estimated 110 million is made up of primary health centers, clinics, and hospitals.

Ethiopia's health care strategy, which focuses on the provision of affordable and sustainable primary health care, aims to provide universal health coverage by 2035.

Dr. Khalid Asrat, who owns a private clinic in Addis Ababa, told Anadolu Agency that Ethiopia has made significant improvements in providing affordable,and quality healthcare services.

"However, we still need huge assistance from the likes of the Turkish medical charity that visited our clinic," he added.

"Turkish assistance will add advanced knowledge and skills badly need in Ethiopia."

Doctors Worldwide were established in 2000 to assist victims of the Bosnia and Kosovo war.

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