Turkish Foreign Ministry summons Lebanese ambassador

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Turkey summoned Lebanon's Ankara envoy Gassan Muallim late Thursday over the recent provocative demonstration against the Turkish embassy in Lebanon's capital Beirut.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has summoned Lebanese ambassador to Ankara over the provocative actions made at a door of the Turkish Embassy in Beirut, according to a diplomatic source on Thursday.

On Thursday morning, despite all the warnings issued by the police, a group of 8-10 provocateurs hung a piece of rug with an intimidating message on the entrance door of the Turkish embassy's consular service, said the source on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

The Foreign Ministry conveyed its concern to Lebanese envoy Gassan Muallim, saying a group of people being able to approach to the entrance gate of the consular service is worrisome in terms of the security of the Turkish mission.

Turkey also called on Lebanese authorities to take necessary security measures "without any delay" for the protection of all Turkish interests in Lebanon, especially Turkey's Embassy in Beirut, the source said.

It is said that the provocateurs are members of the Omega Group affiliated to the Free Patriotic Movement political party of Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

On Saturday, Aoun had delivered a speech during the centenary of the founding of Lebanon, in which he accused the Ottoman Empire of "practicing state terrorism in Lebanon".

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