Technoparks play key role in Turkey's technology spurt

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Technoparks will play a key role in Turkey's technology spurt, the country's industry, and technology minister said.

"Raising the number of firms in technoparks and their quality is one of our strategic targets," Mustafa Varank told Anadolu Agency.

He said this will increase the number of tech-based firms in the country.

The technoparks provide consultancy and a safe work space, he said.

He added: "The number of technoparks which were two in 2001, have reached 84 across 56 cities."

Varank recalled that start-ups in technoparks receive government support in the shape of tax exemptions and rent discount.

Information technologies and electronics are prominent sectors at these facilities, he noted.

Firms produce a variety of products ranging from defense systems to robotic technologies and navigation software.

More than 55,000 people have been employed by these firms, the minister said.

Varank added that firms valuing over a billion-dollar will prop up in technoparks and represent Turkey in the international area.

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