On-campus store to offer free clothing, shoes to college students in eastern Turkey’s Malatya

Students of Turgut Özal University in eastern Turkey's Malatya province will be able to shop from a free store established on campus with an aim of supporting students.

"The Youth Boutique," which was established with the contributions of the Turkish Red Crescent's Malatya branch, will offer various clothing and shoes free of charge to all students who are registered at the university.

Each student will be able to take four items per term, while the goods offered will be renewed monthly.

Rector Aysun Bay Karabulut told Anadolu Agency that the reason why they established the store is to give moral support to the students while also meeting the needs of students who are struggling financially.

Karabulut said that the products in the store will be chosen in accordance with the students' requests.

"The store will be open to the students' service soon," Karabulut added.

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