AK Party municipalities to turn Ankara districts into attraction centers

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Chairman and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that with new projects to help improve social facilities, districts in Ankara will become attraction centers. Speaking at an opening ceremony for projects in Ankara's Pursaklar district, Erdoğan noted, "With social facilities, Pursaklar will become an attraction center," referring to projects such as a people's garden planned for Pursaklar. The candidate for the Pursaklar municipality, Ayhan Yılmaz, and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality candidate Mehmet Özhaseki also attended the ceremony. Özhaseki said that Yılmaz plans to develop the district in all fields.

Özhaseki also said that he served as mayor in Kayseri for 21 years and substantially developed infrastructure in the province and that if elected in Ankara, he will continue his services. With experience and humility, he said he would undoubtedly implement the projects he promised.

He added that one of the first projects in Pursaklar would be a subway line directly linking Kızılay, Pursaklar and the airport. When Özhaseki announced the project, the crowd at the rally responded with excitement and applause.

A people's garden will be built in Pursaklar to increase the green area in Pursaklar to nearly 2.2 million square meters, Özhaseki indicated.

Özhaseki is a former environment minister and also the AK Party vice chairman in charge of local administrations. He held the Kayseri mayor's office for more than 20 years and is experienced in urban development and management. In the upcoming local elections on March 31, Özhaseki is the candidate of the People's Alliance formed by the AK Party and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

Commenting on AK Party projects in Pursaklar, Emel Akbulut, 43, a deputy chairwoman of the AK Party woman branch in Pursaklar, said that the people of Pursaklar are excited about the projects and people believe that Yılmaz will implement these projects. She said AK Party women branches often hold meetings to prepare for local elections. Akbulut noted that in upcoming days meetings organized by the AK Party, including a "Women talk about the City" meeting will be held in Pursaklar. She said that projects to increase green areas are highly welcomed in Pursaklar. She noted that there will be a project for families of people with disabilities. For instance, there will be places where disabled children can spend time, while their parents handle urgent issues. Social and sports centers will also be established. Akbulut pointed out that another project in Pursaklar focuses on women. Some shops for women will be established where they can sell their craftwork.

At the election rally, Sema Aklar, 43, said that people in Pursaklar are content with the services provided in the district and want the new mayor to focus on improving transportation facilities.

Erdoğan and the mayoral candidates have ramped up their efforts as the election nears. Erdoğan said that this was the sixth district meeting to the election run-up. He also held a seventh district meeting yesterday in the Gölbaşı district. On March 23, the AK Party will hold its grand Ankara rally.

Özgenur Sevinç / Daily Sabah

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