Women diplomats strengthen Turkey's foreign policy

Women employed at diplomatic positions by the Turkish Foreign Ministry have increased in recent years, according to diplomatic sources.

Turkey with its 255 ambassadors has one of the largest diplomatic networks in the world. Additionally, it is represented by women ambassadors in 51 countries.

The number of women ambassadors rose to 32 in 2015, to 37 in 2016 and to 43 in 2017.

The ministry currently employs 1,850 foreign service officers, including 630 women. Their representation rose from 605, last year.

Yaprak Alp, deputy director-general on EU at the Foreign Ministry, said an increase in the number of women diplomats is important for the image of the country.

Aylin Sekizkök, deputy director general of security and intelligence at the Foreign Ministry, said: "Struggling for Turkey's interests impressed me. So I decided to become a diplomat."

To aspiring women diplomats, Sekizkök said: "The Foreign Ministry is not just a place where you improve your personal career, but a place where you think about doing something for your homeland."

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