Turkish amateur football player paid in Bitcoin

An amateur Turkish football club has acquired a player by paying in Bitcoin.

Harunustaspor said it had signed 22-year-old Ömer Faruk Kıroğlu by paying in cryptocurrency, a first in the world of football, according to the club.

"We decided to do it to be mentioned in Turkey and the world. Our club is playing for the title. I hope this 'Bitcoin signing' will bring us the title," said the club's chairman Haldun Şehit at the signing ceremony late Tuesday.

Kıroğlu was offered 0.0524 in Bitcoin, about $530.4 at 1045GMT, and 2,500 Turkish liras ($666) for the rest of the season.

Based in the northwestern province of Sakarya, Harunustaspor plays in the first Amateur Division Group B.

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