Turkish security forces kill would-be bomber


A suspected Daesh bomber was shot and killed by Turkish security forces on Wednesday.

The man, wearing a suicide vest, was gunned down close to a police state in the province of Mersin, southern Turkey.

He was fired on after disobeying an order to halt and appearing to get ready to detonate the device he was wearing.

The suspect was planning to attack the 50. Yil police station in the province's Yenisehir district, Mustafa Ercan, Mersin chief public prosecutor, told Anadolu Agency.

"The terrorist was most probably a Daesh member," Ercan added.

Investigators have discovered the man had been living with his father in a rented house. His father was detained by police.

The suspect -- identified only by the initials A.S. -- introduced himself as a Syrian citizen and was unemployed, his landlord, Sait Kucukoglu, told journalists.

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