Turkish anti-narcotics teams make seizures


The Turkish security forces have released details of a number of nationwide anti-narcotics operations on Friday.

Over 3,000 cannabis roots and one kilogram of hashish were seized in the Afsin district of southern Kahramanmaras province. Anti-narcotics teams seized just over 6.7 kg of powdered hashish hidden in a truck in Mersin province.

In addition, 2.3kg of heroin and 1.4kg of hashish were seized in the same province.

Almost 40kg of powdered hashish and 264 cannabis roots were seized in the Kale district of central Malatya province.

Thirty-five cannabis roots and 529 grams of hashish were recovered in the Altintas district of central Kutahya province.

Almost 350 cannabis roots were seized in the Fethiye district of southwestern Mugla province.

Around 140,000 cannabis roots were seized in northwestern Kirklareli province.

Officers conducted 83 anti-narcotics operations between May 27 and July 9 in the southeastern Diyarbakir province.

Significant quantities of hashish, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine as well as contraband cigarettes and a number of firearms were seized in these raids.

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