Credible evidence indicates YPG, Daesh reached agreement, Russia’s Lavrov says


Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that a statement by the Ministry of Defense which acknowledges that the YPG and Daesh reached a deal about the evacuation of Raqqa is based on credible evidence.

The top diplomat, speaking during a press conference in Moscow with his Zambian counterpart Harry Kalaba, said that the Ministry of Defense confirmed the information.

"According to the information I have, the Democratic Syrian Forces [comprising of mostly YPG terrorists] refuted having reached an agreement with Daesh to form a corridor between Raqqa and Palmyra to allow Daesh militants to leave the city. But our Defense Ministry confirmed this information, which is based on credible evidence and data. In addition, right after that news broke out, Daesh terrorists started moving towards Palmyra from Raqqa," he said.

Adding that Russia will strike Daesh terrorists "whenever they are seen," he said, "the situation in Raqqa implicates a lack in coordination between sides fighting terror."

"We will wait and see what the U.S. will do in Raqqa."

Lavrov had previously said in an interview to Sputnik that YPG terrorists had tried to form a safe corridor in the south and let Daesh militants leave the city, but "Russian Air Forces managed to stop that," with sources saying over 30 vehicles and 100 Daesh terrorists were killed in Russian air strikes.

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