For 7th Friday in row, Gazans clash with Israeli troops

For the seventh consecutive Friday, clashes erupted between Palestinian youths and Israeli troops near the Gaza Strip's border with Israel.

The clashes come amid ongoing protests against last month's decision by the U.S. to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Friday's clashes occurred mainly near the Gaza-Israel border to the east of Gaza's city of Khan Yunis.

Dozens of Palestinian youths threw stones at Israeli soldiers stationed on the other side of the border, while the latter responded with teargas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.

Palestinian political factions this week renewed calls to organize rallies across the West Bank and Gaza to condemn Washington's controversial Jerusalem move.

On Dec. 6, U.S. President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, sparking a wave of protests across the Palestinian territories that has left at least 16 Palestinians dead to date.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Middle East conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem -- occupied by Israel since 1967 -- might eventually serve as the capital of a Palestinian state.

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