KRG’s premier seeks ‘good relations’ with Turkey

The prime minister of northern Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) on Monday said they want to re-establish "good relations" with Turkey.

"The dialogue channels between the two sides are always open. We hope to meet officials in Turkey. However, the schedule has not yet been finalized," said Barzani in Erbil, the KRG's administrative capital.

"We want to re-establish good relations with Turkey. Turkey is an important state for the KRG," he said.

The relations between Ankara and Erbil hit low point after latter's illegitimate poll on regional independence.

The KRG also hopes to engage in "unconditional talks" with Baghdad for the resolution of their outstanding differences, the premier said.

"The decision to launch an investigation by Iraqi Parliament into the events that took place in the district of Tuz Khurmatu is a good development," Barzani said.

Tuz Khurmatu is a predominantly Turkmen city in the northern Saladin province that was retaken by Iraqi forces in October following the withdrawal of Kurdish Peshmerga forces amid tension over a controversial referendum on Kurdish regional independence.

Barzani said that the talks are in progress to appoint new governor of Kirkuk province.

In the immediate wake of the illegitimate poll, federal forces moved into several parts of Iraq "disputed" between Baghdad and the KRG, including the oil-rich Kirkuk province.

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