Mental sister threatens to kill famous surgeon Dr. Öz

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U.S. television personality Mehmet Öz, popularly known as Dr. Öz, took legal action on Monday against his sister after an alleged stabbing attempt, according to Turkish daily Sabah.

He accused his sister Nazlı Öz, who he said suffers from psychological issues, threatened to stab him on July 1.

Expressing worry for the wellbeing of his mother, who lives with Nazlı Öz and suffers from Alzheimer's disease, he said he was afraid to enter his house in Istanbul due to his sister owning firearms, the newspaper reported.

The famous cardiologist said he took legal action to appoint a guardian for his sister in order to provide her with the necessary medical treatment.

According to Sabah, authorities have initiated an investigation against Nazlı Öz after her brother's report to the police.

World-famous surgeon Dr. Öz was born in Cleveland, Ohio to a Turkish father and American mother.

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