‘Queen of beekeepers’ on hunt for best honey

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A 63-year-old Turkish woman with decades of experience in beekeeping travels to different provinces in the country in search of best honey and pollen.

Arzu Aldemir, known as the "queen of beekeepers", has 31 years of experience in the field and she has a total of 600 beehives in western Muğla province of Turkey.

"People try to help me. I get positive reactions wherever I go. Not just honey, I also produce pollen," said Aldemir, who was honored as "the best woman beekeeper" in 2019.

"Beekeeping is a difficult task. The maintenance and cleaning of hives are difficult, however, I enjoy my job. I do my best to improve myself, therefore attending seminars and training. With new information, I broaden my horizon," she said.

Emphasizing that beekeeping became a party of her life, she said she got used to this profession so much that she did not even feel bee sting anymore.

She said she would chase spring-like climate across the country so that she would find the best honey for her customers.

Ziya Şahin, the head of Turkey's beekeeping association, said Aldemir stood as an example for other beekeepers as she produced a significant amount of honey and pollen per year.

"She contributes to her life and the national economy. From west to east, she goes everywhere. She is an example for other beekeepers," he said.

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