Millions of Sufi devotees converge in Senegal's Touba

Millions of devotees gathered on Thursday in 's Touba city to commemorate the exile of a revered Sufi saint to Gabon.

Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the Mouride Brotherhood, was exiled by French colonialists 125 years ago.

"#Senegal at least 5million people from around world are in , seat of Murid brotherhood for Magal ie annual pilgrimage marking 125th anniv. of day when French colons sent leader Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba into exile to #Gabon. #Sufism Magalu jaam. Bon magal à tous #kebetu," Senegali activist Aisha Dabo tweeted on Thursday.

Bamba was exiled to Gabon and Mauritania because he resisted the French colonial and missionary activities in Senegal.

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