Şırnak's lavender-scented honey gaining popularity

For years, the Faraşin Plateau in the eastern province of Şırnak made the headlines for terrorist activities. But thanks to the operations carried out by the Turkish security forces, the plateau has now found the peace and welcomes not just tourists but beekeepers as well.

The beekeepers of Şırnak produce a special blend of honey that is known for its lavender fragrance. For the past year, 300 beekeepers produced honey with 35,000 hives on the Faraşin Plateau. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Habip Aşan of the Şırnak Bee Keepers Cooperative said the Faraşin Plateau is home to endemic plant species, which makes it a perfect spot for honey production.

He added that since there is a wild lavender field on the plateau, the honey produced in Faraşin has a scent of lavender. "The bees feed on different flowers in the plateau, which gives the honey a different flavor and scent," said Aşan.

Another beekeeper, Mesut Babat, 32, said he started making honey eight years ago and moved his hives to the Faraşin Plateau three years ago.

"As far as I know, there are 400 different plant species in the plateau," said Babat. "The honey we produce is white in color. It smells like lavender. I believe the distinctive feature of our honey is its color and scent."

The honey produced in the Faraşin Plateau is sold under the brand Şehri Nuh. The brand was created exclusively for Faraşin beekeepers and you can find it online or at local stores.

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