I-TECH, Ankara's first technology fair

I-TECH will bring together robotic technologies and sector professionals in Ankara.

Sponsored by world giant Microsoft, the I-TECH Technology Congress and Fair takes place June 14-16 in Ankara this year.

The first technology fair in the capital, I-TECH will be held at Ankara University supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ankara Chamber of Commerce and in collaboration with the Ankara University Smart Systems and Technologies Application and Research Center (ASTAM). The fair will host Youtuber Orkun Işıtmak, who is followed by millions. At I-TECH, which will feature the biggest cosplay competition in the city, professionals in virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the "internet of things (IoT), drones, esports, e-music, home entertainment, 3-D printing, game equipment, startups, angel investors, mobile application systems and sleep technology will share their experience and products with participants. Sleep technology will present technologies and devices used in sleep therapy sessions along with sleep therapy products from prominent global companies.

World leaders in AI at fair

Companies that have been established to produce different and authentic solutions for the needs of the period with the most-developed robotic technologies and brands that are in service with robotic kits in the education field, especially for children, are among the attention-grabbing highlights at the fair.

Leading world software companies in robotic process automation and AI will exhibit their solutions and competences at the event. With Microsoft artificial intelligence technologies and the latest Xbox trends, which let people play the most-loved games with the most powerful consoles in the world, participants can try the game experience at the cosplay event.

Investors, experts together

I-TECH will host expert researchers, academics, startups, global and local sector leaders, development agencies, technoparks, investors, technology opinion leaders and social media phenomena.

While new collaborative bridges are built at the fair, opportunities to find sponsors for ideas and products that will direct the future will appear. Visitors will be able to try technological innovations for themselves. Interactive conversations will be held, and success stories of leaders in the technology sector will be shared. Organized with the vision of being the global advanced technology base of Turkey, I-TECH will also feature colorful technological shows.

I-TECH will welcome the biggest esports teams in Turkey like ROYAL YOUTH, which has millions of followers, and the Phrygian Cup will find its owner in "League of Legends" tournaments accompanied by professional teams.

In short, I-TECH is a global meeting point for companies operating in the consumer technologies sector: A high-profile commercial event that addresses all sectors in its ecosystem. All technologies that guide daily life in society, from home entertainment systems, game technologies, drones to increased and virtual reality to esports, e-music, social media and 3-D printers, are brought together in the I-TECH ecosystem. Interactive I-TECH interviews show that leading representatives of the industry will share their ideas and experiences by going beyond the usual patterns. I-TECH, a platform where the sector develops the brands of entrepreneurs and investors from every level of scale, offers participants an opportunity to show their products, make speeches, organize events and have business meetings in their own fields.

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