Edirne's animal lovers make sheds ahead of winter

A group of animal lovers in Thracian city of Edirne make homes for stray animals with the waste materials they gather around the city.

The group, which is organized with the Facebook page started by Edirne-based vet Uluç Erkan, aims to ease the lives of street animals with little sheds they build for them.

The animal lovers are using the garden of Erkan's veterinary clinic to build their animal houses before the winter comes. Every day, the group gathers at the garden and builds sheds and then takes them to the garbage disposal area of the Edirne Municipality where the majority of stray animals in the city live. Erkan also offers free-of-charge medical treatment for the stray animals.

"We make at least one shed for the animals with materials such as wood pieces from old furniture, beds and duvets that people throw away. We also feed them and treat them as much as we can. Animal lovers around the world can help us to take care of the stray animals of Edirne by signing up to our Facebook page 'Bark Team,'" said Erkan.

Those who want to help stray animals can contribute to Erkan and his friends' cause by donating dog and cat food via their Facebook page."We are doing this without expecting anything," said Erkan. "We love animals and cannot stand to see animals living in bad situations. Our aim is to raise awareness and help animals live their lives," Erkan added.

He also called out to those who are planning to buy dogs from pet shops and urged them to adopt instead of buying one.

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