Italy, guest of the Chess Museum

The Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum continues to bring together people in the capital Ankara province and pair them with a different country every month. The guest this month is Italy, the country of romanticism, with its rich culture and unique art history.

The Gökyay Foundation Chess Museum, which brings a fresh take to the cultural and art life in the capital, also holds photography conversations in collaboration with Ankara Photography Artists Foundation (AFSAD). Photography artist Sibel Acar accompanied this month's conversation on Apr. 13 at the museum at 07.00 p.m. Akın Gökyay, the museum's founder, said, "Italy is a country which affected other world countries with its art, architecture and culture. It is written on our minds in that it is where Renaissance broke out. My chess journey started in this special country, as well. The historical and cultural pattern of the city affected me very much in those years."


Suggesting that Italy and Milano province has a special importance for him, the founder continued, "I took the first step for this museum with a chess set that I bought from Milano 43 years ago. This is why Italy is really so much important to me. The country is on the top of the World Heritage List of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with the numerous monuments and artworks that it houses. Italy, which is described as "Bel Paese," which means beautiful country, by Italians, is one of the most important tourism points for visitors with its famous cities, rich history, warm climate, different accents and cultures, delicious food and welcoming people. Millions of people visit the country every year. One of them is me. It is a fascinating country. I can say that the whole country smells romance. Visitors can discover the country with the photo exhibition and find the details in the Italian chess sets."

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