Popular dog breeds in US chosen

The Labrador retriever is America's favorite breed for the 27th consecutive time according to the canine experts of the American Kennel Club.

Also holding on to their spots are the fiercely loyal German Shepherd, the second most popular breed, and the Golden Retriever to round out the top three.

But in a surprise shake-up the French Bulldog jumped two spots to come in at number four - its drama-free disposition winning over the hearts and apartments of city dwellers, says breeder Gale Golden.

"They are not needy so they can amuse and then settle down and watch the football game with you. So they kind of, they just fill that niche of people who are busy and want a dog in their life but have limited time."

The Frenchie has steadily climbed the ranks in recent years, and is already top dog in New York City.

The French Bulldog is closely followed by its English cousin, but the fur balls don't seem to be too impressed by the popularity contest.

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