Taurus's scenic beauty a must-see in winter

Stretching between Konya and Antalya provinces as an extension of the Taurus Mountains, the Giden Gelmez Mountains mesmerizes professional and amateur mountaineers with its unmatched natural beauty. As the scenery around the mountains looks like images popped out from fantasy novels, the region also attracts photography enthusiasts.

A group of 11 nature and photography buffs gather in Konya's Seydişehir district during winter and head for the mountains to enjoy the scenic route while trekking.

This week, the group hiked to the mountains through Alacabel Passage, which is 1,825 meters high. While on their way to the summit, which is covered with snow, the group took postcard-like photos despite heavy fog and a danger of an avalanche.

Speaking to an Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent, Hasan Sayın, one of the members of the hiking group, said the Giden Gelmez Mountains is a unique spot for nature and photo enthusiasts.

Adnan Taşçı, on the other hand, said climbing to the summit helps them stay healthy while feeding their artistic needs thanks to the scenery. Explaining that they continue to climb to the summit from different routes during winter despite harsh weather conditions, Taşçı continued: "There is nothing we cannot endure for our love of nature and the art of photography. We invite all nature enthusiasts to the region."

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