Some of suggestions for top brunch spots across Istanbul

If you want to spend quality time with your family, guests and loved ones, brunch is a nice option, and Istanbul hotels have a wide variety of elegant brunch opportunities

As winter approaches, places in Istanbul seem to be more and more crowded every weekend. Luckily, weekend brunch menus have become even more popular as summer menus are replaced with winter alternatives, and the pleasant atmospheres of five-star hotels promise low-key outings for tourists as well as locals. This week, here are some of my suggestions for top brunch spots across Istanbul.

My first suggestion is Swissotel The Bosphorus. Thanks to its location overlooking the Bosporus, Swissotel offers wonderful scenery and a convenient location. The most sought after dishes on its brunch menu are in the seafood section, which includes amazing lobster and fresh oysters. In addition to those, the octopus salads and tiger prawns are perfect for seafood lovers. The Mexican food section is also marvelous. The avocado salad, sour cream dishes and crispy tacos are all also very tempting. The brunch menu, which also features Turkish cuisine and even fresh sushi, is very impressive. On top of all of that, you may enjoy the dessert selection the most. I especially recommend the chocolate baklava.

Another thing I like about the brunch service at Swissotel The Bosphorus is the fact that the kitchen is open, which allows you to watch the chefs create. In fact, some dishes are prepared right in front of you. All of the dishes come fresh out of the oven, and the chefs are as friendly as the waiters. The dining hall with its high ceilings and furniture designed in pastel tones, on the other hand, are perfect for the tranquil Sunday you have been searching for. You will really love the hotel's brunch atmosphere. Bon appetite!

Another suggestion is the Four Seasons Sultanahmet Hotel located in the historical Sultanahmet district, offering breakfast service on Saturdays and Sundays. This hotel is the perfect place for those who want to spend Sunday with their family. It is also a great spot for treating a special weekend guest to brunch, and the service offered on Saturdays is also perfect. In addition, if you want, you can follow the delight of an open buffet breakfast with a tour of the historical peninsula. Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, the Istanbul Archaeological Museum and many more historical places are waiting for you right outside. The hotel's building, which used to be a prison, will take you on its own tour filled with nostalgia and delicious flavors.

Breakfast items, hot dishes and cold mezes are served at an open buffet at Four Seasons Sultanahmet Hotel.

Since we are discussing the breakfast flavors of the Four Seasons Sultanahmet Hotel, it is important to note that there are breakfast items, hot dishes and cold mezes served on an open buffet. If you wish, you can order barbecue meat or have Italian pastas prepared right in front of you. There are many options on the menu, ranging from seafood to lamb chops. Among the pasta dishes, my favorite is made with beets. On the other hand, the Bosnian pie is another hot option. Turkish pastries prepared with a dough roller on a traditional sofra, or floor table, are also wonderful. The delicatessen bar features smoked meats and pastrami, but the most crucial section is the dessert buffet. Mirroring the fabulous presentation of its main course dishes, the breakfast area also has a chic air. The glass garden on the hotel's patio is also lovely, immersing you among flowers and trees. It is a unique experience to taste these flavors in the historical atmosphere of the hotel. I suggest you try it the first chance you get.

My last suggestion is the brunch menu at the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. The menu, which promises to start your day very pleasantly, is accompanied by one of the city's best views of the Bosporus. Its world-class menu that features international delights along with traditional Turkish cuisine promises flavors that suit every taste. In addition to a rather assertive cheese selection, there are flavors from many Anatolian regions. The fresh fruit juice varieties are both abundant in number and delicious. Their macarons are fresh and just like the ones in Paris. In addition, there are also live music performances during brunch, with the piano accompanying the champagne service.

The hotel also has something for its younger guests. The thoughtful management prepares a special area full of surprise gifts for the children. In other words, the Ritz-Carlton's brunch offers an atmosphere you can enjoy comfortably with your children while taking in the comfort of a five-star hotel on a Sunday morning. Visit the hotel in Beşiktaş the first chance you get, but be sure to make a reservation.

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