Turkey's first frigate project nears end

Turkey has nearly completed a project to make the country's first frigate as part of its national warship program MILGEM.

MILGEM's fifth vessel is being built under the Defense Industries Presidency and the prime contractorship of leading defense company STM.

The project is being conducted with the participation of almost all parts of the Turkish defense industry, Murat Ikinci, the general manager of STM, told Anadolu Agency.

Built as an Istanbul-class , the vessel is being constructed with mostly indigenous sources, he noted.

"It will be 's largest national warship, the first ship in the frigate class," he stressed.

Shareholders are continuing work to complete the project and deliver the vessel in a short period, added Ikinci.

Recently, STM signed a cooperation agreement with Turkish defense giants Aselsan and Havelsan for the vessel's weapons systems, he recalled.

He added: "The weapons systems of our ship will be produced nationally, including ammunition and air defense."

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