Turkish firm exports aqua parks to 105 countries around world

A Turkish company producing aqua parks with completely domestic means in the organized industrial zone in Kocaeli's Dilovası district, Polin Waterparks has exported more than 3,000 water pools to 105 countries in the world, leaving behind the giant companies operating in the industry.

The company, located in the Gebze Chemists Organized Industrial Zone in Kocaeli's Dilovası district, exports aqua parks, which it produces with completely domestic means and domestic capital, to 105 countries in the world. The industrial enterprise, built on a 35,000-square meter area with completely domestic capital, has been exporting Turkish-made aqua parks to recreation spaces in 105 countries. Increasing its export figures with every passing day, the company has become one of the giant companies operating in the industry around the world.

Polin Waterparks Corporate Communications and Marketing Director Şöhret Pakiş spoke about the company's success story, saying that the company, founded in 1976, is a world leader in water slides, aqua parks, design, engineering, production and installation. Indicating that what underlies this success is research and development (R&D), faith and hard work, Pakiş stated that the company, built with 100 percent Turkish capital, exports almost all the value it has created within itself. "We are one of Turkey's largest exporters. This is also a R&D center where a total of 54 R&D engineers are working. We are proud of being a Turquality company. This is one of Turkey's brands."

Highlighting that they have established over 3,000 aqua parks in the world so far, Pakiş continued: "Up until now, we have carried out more than 3,000 aqua park projects in 105 countries, in almost every part of the world, on every continent. All of them are the projects we have actualized with our own brand." Indicating that their head office is located in Dilovası, Pakiş noted that they produce aqua parks on a 35,000-square meter area. Pointing out that they carry out all the production in Turkey, Pakiş added: "A total of 95 percent of our turnover comes from exports. We are working with a team of 500 people in the Dilovası headquarters. As a holding company, we consist of a team of 1,500 people." Stressing that the first water slide in Turkey was produced by Polin, Pakiş said: "We have our signature on the first water slides in many countries in the world, including Croatia and Iran. Our company comes to the fore not only with innovations in production technologies, but also with innovations in product design."

Pakiş emphasized that they are the first company to have received a U.S. award which has not yet been given to any companies so far apart from those in the U.S., which has the major players of the aqua park industry, adding: "Many of our products have international patents, American design patents and important awards." Remarking that the award given by the World Waterpark Association in the U.S. is called Leading Edge, Pakiş expressed that it is a prize given to companies that have broken new grounds and made a difference in the aqua park industry. We are the first company to have been granted this award outside the U.S. This makes us very proud as a Turkish company."

Underlining that young people should not lose their faith, Pakiş stated that water slides and aqua parks are a subset of the entertainment industry. Indicating that the homeland of this industry is the U.S. where the big players such as Disney and Universal are and where big consultants and designers live, Pakiş concluded: "As a Turkish company, we have made a distinguished name for ourselves with our own raw materials, ideas, engineering and students coming from our own universities in this industry which is very challenging and seeks continuous innovation. I hope that young people in Turkey who believe in design and innovation never lose their faith."

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